Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy




Royal Enfield warrants its motorcycles to be free from manufacturing and material defects, under normal use subject to the following conditions.

1. Warranty shall be in force until the expiry of a period of 24 months from the date of purchase of the new motorcycle OR 20,000 kilometers of its run, whichever occurs earlier, and to any subsequent owners for the balance of the remaining period. For Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650, the warranty period is 3 years from the first date of sale to the first customer.

2. In order to effect Warranty, it is a prerequisite that the Proof of Ownership (in form of Sales Registration OR Proof of Purchase documentation of the motorcycle, clearly mentioning the Engine and VIN numbers, must be provided to the Distributor’s service facility, along with a record of all the regular services and periodical maintenance that have been carried out at the Authorized Distributor’s service facility OR at their Authorized dealership’s service facility.

3. During the warranty period, Royal Enfield’s obligation is limited to repair or replacing free of charge, such part or parts of the motorcycle which in examination shall be deemed defective in the opinion of Royal Enfield and/or their distributors/ authorised dealership’s service facility. Such defective part/s, which have been replaced, shall become the property of Royal Enfield.

4. Cost of consumables like fuel, oils etc…, labour, shipping charges of replacement parts for any warranty replacement are chargeable to the customers.

5. Warranty is not applicable for the following parts:
- Normal ageing of parts like rubber parts, tires & tubes, hand grips, glass, plastic, soft items like seat Rexene, cushion etc.
- Dullness of chrome plated parts, discolourisation of chrome exhaust pipe / silencer, buffed parts, painted surfaces etc.
- Normal wear & tear items such as control cables, brake pads / shoes, clutch plates etc.
- Electrical items like bulbs, wiring harness, switches, battery, fuses, electric start motor etc.

6. Warranty will become void under the following conditions:
- Damages due to lack of proper maintenance, periodic services not carried out as per Royal Enfield recommendation etc.
- Damages caused by any unauthorised repairs carried out in any part of the motorcycle.
- Failures occurred due to use of non-recommended grade lubricants, fuel or improper level.
- Use of non-genuine Royal Enfield parts.
- Damages caused due to unauthorised alterations to any part of the motorcycle.
- Use of accessories not supplied by Royal Enfield.
- Motorcycles fitted with side cars.
- Motorcycles used in rallies, off road, dirt track, races, etc.
- Motorcycles involved in accidents, collisions etc.
- Damages that occur due to extreme operating conditions beyond the limitation or specifications as given by Royal Enfield, such as Maximum load carrying capacity, engine speed etc.
Damages that occur due to long/ improper storage, transportation of motorcycle etc.

7. Royal Enfield reserves the right to finally decide on all warranty claims.

8. Royal Enfield reserves the right to make changes in the motorcycle without any obligation to install these changes on previously sold motorcycles.

9. To the fullest extent allowed by law, Royal Enfield and its authorised distributors and/ or dealers shall not be liable for loss of use, inconvenience, loss of time, commercial losses or other incidental or consequential damages.